Our group’s overall goal is to develop and study active biohybrid matters (ABM) systems that allow us to understand better and regulate interfacial and transport phenomena related to human health and sustainability. These ABMs range from colloidal particles engineered with catalysts to bioactive molecules and cells. We focus on the synthesis, characterization, and processing of ABMs with desired structure, property, and functionality to achieve this goal. We also study an emergent behavior of these ABMs to create advanced micro-robots, nano-sized drug/cell delivery systems, soft machines, and biological tissue platforms.

In this context, our current research projects include:


  • Self-propelling colloidal particle for disinfection


  • Manufacturing of neuron-innervated muscle

Neuron activates muscle contraction


  • Hybrid of cardiovascular organoids and sensor for in situ physiological studies

Vascularized cardiac organoid


Organoid under contraction


  • Stimulus-responsive drug/cell delivery system for the brain, vascular, and ocular disease treatments

Fibrin clots associated with hemostatic microparticle pump



  • Engineering of “living” environmental toxin-monitoring platforms 

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